Executive Summary of TEAM Mobile Seminary

The Plan: Assist pastors in Latin America to train their own people, without the need of multiple resident full-time missionaries, and without limiting the training to nationals who travel to the U.S. to acquire their training.

  • One-week trips with an American pastor or teacher to assist ministries within Latin America.
  • We provide a sample block course and I will interpret, train, assess and facilitate the TEAM
  • Offer options for training for the pastors and for those in their churches called to the ministry.
  • Returning to the U.S., I will follow up online, planning another visit with them if necessary.

The Reasoning: Pastors throughout Latin America understand the need to train those who have sensed the call to the ministry; however, many of these pastors do not know where to begin.


The Way: Through working with the pastors in Latin America as a TEAM to provide the steps to

  • Train the trainers (or, equip the pastors to be teachers) by
  • Equipping the coordinator (the key pastor who can work as facilitator) to
  • Access the theological education available and
  • Manage the resources to create an institution directed to serve the local churches.


The Context for the Transition from Living and Serving in Mexico to TEAM Mobile Seminary)

  • The advancement of the programs at Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary.
  • The 50th anniversary of the college.
  • Spiritual, academic, and theological maturity in the faculty who were former students of ours.


The Reason for Traveling with U.S. pastors and teachers

  • Encourage churches regarding global missions.
  • Provide accountability.
  • Adopt the TEAM trips as the churches’ missions trip.


The Costs Involved in the Program: tickets, meals, lodging, transportation, incidentals.

The Base of Operations: Greenville, SC, USA.

  • Appropriate concerns for the well-being/safety of my family as I travel.
  • Provide stability to my family regarding residence and home education of our children.
  • Visiting and working with U.S. churches of the pastors traveling with me.
  • Accountability and ministry to sending church (Iglesia Bautista de la Fe) when not traveling.
  • Financial stewardship: we can live and serve in SC within our current field support level.

The Same, but Different:

  • Geographical change, but the nature of the ministry (training nationals) remains the same.
  • Allows us to expand the ministry of Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary (IPES).
  • Extends my current responsibility as Coordinator of Extended Theological Education under MGMI.

Frequency (and limitation) of travel on TEAM trips

  • Pre-field preparation and post-field follow-up will contribute to determine frequency.
  • Other ministry and family concerns will contribute to determine frequency.

Ministry Experience as preparation for the TEAM Program

  • The concepts are developed from my doctoral dissertation.
  • My ministry at IPES and involvement in working with pastors in person and online.
  • Travels in Peru, Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, many parts of Mexico and the U.S.